Work Conference|Join Efforts to Seek Development
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On July 21, TOFine Technology Mid-Year Work Conference of 2017 was held at Hangzhou Tongjia Country Resort, presided by General Manager Chen Haidong, attended by more than 40 people, including the company’s leading group, department and subsidiary general managers and relevant management staff.

The company's operation, business, financial and purchasing directors comprehensively analyzed the company’s operation and management from Jan. to June, and made specific arrangements for each work section in the second half of the year. All departments and subsidiaries summarized their work during the first half of the years one by one, discussed the existing problems and difficulties in operation and management, and put forward some constructive suggestions and improvement measures.

Mr. Chen pointed out in the first half of 2017, the company’s overall performance was upward, team building was stable, management system took shape, brand influence gradually grew; but there also were some problems that hindered the company’s development and needed everybody to pool wisdom and efforts to cope with, especially solutions to the problem of receivables would become the company’s priority in the next stage. Mr. Bu praised the functional departments, because their internal satisfaction was greatly improved, and the intelligent manufacturing business gradually became competitive and adapted to the concept of development. Mr. Zhang emphasized as the company’s shared knowledge base, technology cases could be used and learnt for common progress; at the same time, the company’s business process improvement and data transparency would further promote the formation of personal Amoeba goals. Mr. Liu suggested that data should be real-time and help the sales staff master data more clearly and understand industry trends and enhance competitiveness.

At last, Mr. Xu made a concluding speech, analyzed the company’s current situation, further defined the company’s development direction, proposed to strengthen the headquarters’ professional and business ability, gave full play to the headquarters platform’ role as a bridge; introduced an elimination mechanism to raise the staff’s comprehensive level; further intensified efforts for collecting receivables and integrating resources, integrating various forms of cooperation under the national network, provided supply pool coverage in the industry chain, gave play to the platform’s advantage of resources integration to further implement the goal of "one network, one pool, one platform".

This year is a year for TOFine Technology to open a new situation. With everyone’s joint efforts, in the first half of the year, all business data and tasks targets were outstripped. In the second half of the year, the company will unite efforts with a new attitude and new courage to meet new challenges and make greater contributions to the company's leap-forward development.

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