As the world's leading manufacturer of industrial automation, Siemens has been committed to providing every user with innovative technological solutions, which is also ToFine’s business philosophy. As early as 1996, ToFine and Siemens have worked together for the domestic automation users with a full range, all-round, whole-cycle products and technical services.
After more than two decades of cooperation and development, ToFine has successively and closely cooperated with two industrial groups, the Digital Process Unit (DF) and Process and Drive (PD). In addition, ToFine has been consecutively granted by Siemens "TOP100 Agents", "Siemens East China Best Agents", "Siemens FA BU Best Agents", "Siemens Fastest Growing Agents", and “Siemens Best Service Agents" over years, and has the sales performance ranked the top five among Siemens agents.
Based on the cooperation of the products, ToFine has also become a platinum system integrator in the field of industrial business of Siemens through continuous accumulation and has become the Siemens global solution partner (SoP) in 2017.
ToFine and Siemens are helping Chinese industrial enterprises to increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility through innovative products, integrated systems and first-class expertise.

Introduction of Siemens product: seven product lines

  • Factory Automation (FA)
  • Process Automation (PA)
  • Motion Control (MC)
  • Industrial Network (CI)
  • Industrial Power (PP)
  • Control Products (CP)
  • Large Drive (LD)
Factory Automation (FA)
Siemens occupies a pivotal position in industrial automation. In the area of Factory Automation (FA), TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) is a new engineering software platform that integrates all automation software tools into a unified development environment. In the industry, TIA is the first software to integrate all automation tasks in one engineering environment which represents a milestone in software development.
Modular controller SIMATIC S7:
SIMATIC S7 is the pronoun of innovation and quality in the field of modular PLCs. Decades of experience have been transferred to the SIMATIC S7 modular controller from Siemens. As a result, the product offers future-oriented compatibility, modular expansion, vibration resistance, maintenance-free and scalability.
SIMATIC S7 controller not only includes several innovative technologies but also set a new standard to maximize production efficiency. It is applicable for small devices or complex devices that require high speed and accuracy. SIMATIC S7 is seamlessly integrated into TIA so that the efficiency of engineering configuration can be improved greatly.
SINAMTIC S7 series mainly have the following products:
HMI operating equipment and SCADA system

Siemens offers a complete and integrated HMI suite via SIMATIC HMI, including the best products and systems for all HMI tasks. Siemens' system range includes operating equipment and visualization software for machine level HMI as well as SCADA system for a wide range of process visualization requirements.
Process Automation (PA)
Siemens Process Automation (PA) mainly relates to PCS7 which has excellent performance, unique scalable architecture and outstanding system features. No matter from what point of view, Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 process control system is impressive. Flexible modular redundancy and end-to-end data storage, communication and configuration ensure the economic operation and cost control of factory control system.
The subject of SIMATIC PCS7 controller design is to realize complicated control strategy by controlling automation systems of different sizes, by integrating the same hardware and firmware platforms with the system expansion card of different specifications. In the process industry, all the excellent performances of the controller will be provided. The all-round Siemens process industrial controller will make the design and type selection of automation system simple and straightforward, ensure easy system maintenance and the cost of spare parts controllable.
Motion Control (MC)
In nowadays, there is an increasing demand for automation in the field of factory and machinery manufacturing. The traditional integrated control system is gradually divided into independent motion control processes, which in turn simplifies the complexity of each process step. Siemens’ frequency converter servo drive system and servo motor have exactly catered to the current market demand.
In addition to the basic motion control of frequency converter, SIMOTION motion control system for high-end motion control is also provided.
Industrial Network (CI)
Switches, the core product for Industrial Networks (CI), are the active network components that support electrical or optical linear, star and annular industrial communication network architectures, as well as industrial identification and Roger Kang switches. They distribute data to defined reception addresses to build data traffic, greatly increasing data throughput and network performance. The Siemens SIMATIC NET product portfolio at all levels has a suitable solution for every location on the industrial communications network.
Industrial Power (PP)
  • SITOP PSU8100S
  • SITOP PSU8200
  • SITOP PSU8600
In the industrial field, a highly efficient power supply is the foundation for the stable operation of all devices. As the only brand in the world that offers complete industrial 4.0 power system solutions, years of success have allowed SITOP to prove its worth and quality in the industrial arena. Comprehensive product structure can be precisely targeted to match the different needs of customers, advancing with the times, and its demand-orientation has demonstrated the high-quality and innovation of SITIOP power supply.

Control Products (CP)

Siemens control products (CP) have a long history. Full range of full-featured products has emerged over the past more than 100 years since the first contactor in 1885. At present, Siemens commits to the promotion of SIRIUS products.

Large Drive (LD)

Siemens Large Drive (LD) is widely used in various industrial fields. In response to the special needs of different industries, large drive products can provide reliable, highly efficient and high-performance technologies, drive products and solutions. Siemens large drive equipment mainly includes the low-voltage AC inverter and low-voltage motors.

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