Founded in 1983, Advantech is a global leader in intelligent system industry. Advantech provides customers with all aspects of hardware and software, system integration solutions, professional design and manufacturing services, and guarantees global efficient operation with advanced information systems. Focusing on the three major markets of automation, embedded computers and smart services, the business group has set the goal of " Partnering for Smart City & IoT Solutions" to help industries accelerate their smart management, and strive to become the most influential leader in the field of smart city and Internet of things.
Since 1993, ToFine and Advantech have cooperated for 24 years. At present, ToFine has been Advantech’s level-A agent and diamond-grade distributor of Advantech's full range of products, ranked TOP3 among Advantech distributors. In addition, ToFine has won the awards like "2017 First Prize of Advantech Automation Dealership Partner Conference Case Contest ", "Advantech Technology's 2011 Dealer Gold Stone Award ", "2013 Advantech Automation Partner Conference Excellence Award "," 2007 Advantech Partner Meeting The Best Dealer", etc.

ToFine and Advantech have closely cooperated in such fields as the smart city, smart factory, Internet of Things, rail transit, medical treatment, electric power, auto parts, environmental protection and military industry. Guozi Robot, Amphenol, SUPCON, FPI, Ningbo Polytechnic and other leading enterprises have maintained years of cooperation with ToFine.

5 major product lines

  • ISYS: upper computer PC
  • IA: Automation products and capture cards
  • EC: Embedded and storage products
  • IC: Industrial communication products
  • MA: Centralized motion control and machine vision

Hardware introduction

WebAccess classification
WebAccess HMI: Configuration screen programming software. 4 equipments can be connected and gateway service is also supported.
WebAccess RUNTIME: Configuration screen software PC side. PC endpoint charges, at most 32 equipment.
Runtime environment: WinCE (active) Linux (Active Live) Android (active) Atos (Active Live)
WebAccess / SCADA: BS architecture, Web browsing, storage three kinds of storage: ODBC, real-time database, DAT files, able to run in various environments, and can be embedded into the high-performance controller.
Multiprog KW: For CPU modules other than APAX-5580 (including ADAM-5000 series, support software redundancy, 5 kinds of programming modes, support 61131-3 standard.ADAM3600).
CODESYS: dedicated for APAX-5580, the same support 61131-3, you can direct configuration, you can directly configure, write PC screen and so on. Support a variety of algorithms directly embedded, and directly support OPC.
Webaccess / MAS: divided into Runtime (real-time running kernel) and Studio (configuration software).
Advantech's "active role" in the smart factory - Data informatization

In the smart factory, it is often difficult for stand-alone equipment to focus on unified Kanban system: the issuance of work orders, product process beats, quality tracing, personnel registration, device status visualization, activation calculation, emergency reminder and other function systems.
Advantech has erected a MES thin client next to the stand-alone device to visualize the data and at the same time bear the local data computing, integration, upload and other functions, characterized by its high protection grade and wide voltage range, suitable for processing in harsh conditions.

Equipment "eyes" - Advantech Alliance solution

Highly cost-effective ADAM distributed acquisition module is used to collect data from testing equipment. For data upload, the gateway with multiple communication ports is used to uniformly integrate and upload data to Webaccess/SCADA. ADAM module supports the standard Modbus protocol, with adjustable voltage range, current signal, built-in watchdog and other functions. It has been applied for more than 20 years, stable and applicable to various occasions. ECU series gateways have local storage, protocol conversion, data quadratic, cloud upload and other abundant features, and combined with Webaccess /Scada, can be used for data display and historical data storage.

Advantech "boosts" environment control in the intelligent agriculture - Animal husbandry

Intelligent agriculture is to apply traditional Internet of things technology to traditional agriculture. In traditional agriculture, it is difficult to control the site environment in real time and prone to result in irreparable economic losses if the staff's subjective initiative is not strong. In the process of livestock husbandry, on-site temperature and humidity control requirements are most important. Timely temperature control can reduce livestock mortality, improve survival rate and accelerate growth cycle, etc.
When Advantech communicates with the lower-level controller, the data is transmitted directly to the director’s mobile phone, so that the director can know the scene at the first time and handle it in time. The customer transformed pig house, and now the temperature, humidity and fan pumps are fully automatically operated. Customers can also monitor the environment changes remotely and are pleased with the results.
“Comfortable” working environment in smart city – Advantech’s role in smart buildings
Since the end customers may use Gree central air-conditioner with limited communication, the first change is the communication. The serial communication is changed to Ethernet mode for transmission to ensure the data response as well as to handle with the limitation on the number of customers accessed, in addition, the difficulty of communication wiring between sub-stations is reduced, construction cycle shortened and efficiency improved.
Using embedded IPC as a node for pretreatment, local storage and uploading to server can ensure the data consistency and security. In addition, we have also installed the integrated wireless temperature and humidity acquisition module in the control cabinet, timely adjusting working environment for cabinet.

“Significance” of communication in sewage treatment- looped network of Advantech switches

The cases show the topological graph of communication in the environment network for sewage treatment. In the system architecture, the pools need IO slaves and CPU for data exchange. For cascaded connection, the data has one-way characteristics, and bi-directional communication is particularly important since remaining nodes will be disconnected from communication when some nodes encounter communication failure.
Advantech webmaster switch allows for self-healing second-tier ring network of leading international level, with self-heating time less than 10ms.

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