Founded in 1923, Phoenix Contact is headquartered in Blomberg near Hanover, Germany. Phoenix Contact is a market leader in global electrical connections, electrical interfaces and automated industry with more than 10,000 employees, sales of 1.7 billion euros, more than 60,000 kinds of products and 3,000 new products every year.
Phoenix Contact China Corporation is a subsidiary of Phoenix Contact in Germany, entering China in 1993, headquartered in Nanjing, and it is Phoenix Contact global competitiveness center. Under the jurisdiction of Phoenix (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Nanjing Phoenix Contact Electric Co., Ltd., Phoenix Contact Asia Pacific (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., Phoenix Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Phoenix Asia Pacific Logistics (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., Phoenix (Nanjing) New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. Currently Phoenix Contact China has more than 1,800 employees.
The company provides users with the world's leading modular terminals, printed circuit board connectors, industrial connectors, electric vehicle charging connectors, modular electrical interface products, lighting and surge protectors, industrial automation control systems and software and so on. The company has set up more than 20 offices throughout the country and more than 100 distribution agencies, providing world-class products and quality and efficient services to customers in industrial sectors such as the energy industry, process industries, infrastructure, factory automation and so on. The course of more than two decades of development, Phoenix Contact China has always maintained a healthy business growth and actively contributed to the development of China's industry.
Phoenix Contact is the important participant and promoter of German Industry 4.0. As an invisible champion from Germany and an outstanding representative of Germany's industrial civilization, Phoenix Contact China Corporation is a model of Sino-German cooperation since its inception, committed to developing together with Chinese industries and laying a bridge of Sino-German industrial cooperation. Since 2014, when Phoenix Contact China formally released its smart strategy and established the Phoenix Electric Smart Strategic Alliance, it has been actively promoting and combining industry-related government departments, research institutes and outstanding enterprise representatives, etc. and Phoenix Contact China is committed to establishing a truly fully connected industrial ecology that unite participants who share the common concept of industrial civilization and become the drivers and practitioners of the industrial ecological construction of the entire automation industry, manufacturing industry and industrial civilization in the future.

Phoenix Industrial Location:

  • E-Mobility电动汽车





  • 轨道交通




  • 楼宇




  • 石油和天然气




ToFine and Phoenix Contact cooperation started cooperation since 2006, dating back 11 years. In 2015, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation as follows:
Cooperation purposes
Integrate the respective resources and advantages of both parties and cooperate in all aspects. By creating a win-win and sustainable development of strategic partnership, promote the common development of both businesses and provide our clients with innovative, reliable and value-added technology, products, industry solutions and related services.
Cooperation goals
Based on strategic cooperation of both parties, integrate first-class products, technologies and industry solutions from Phoenix Contact with the technological superiority of Zhejiang ToFine, automation industry resources and sales network organically. At the same time, it will continue to strengthen the in-depth cooperation between the two parties in terms of technology, industry solutions and system integration, so as to fully prepare the long-term cooperation and development between the two parties in the future.

Collaboration in the industry solutions and systems integration:
Zhejiang ToFine has many years of experiences and foundations in providing solutions in food and beverage, metallurgy, petrochemical and machinery and equipment industries. Phoenix Contact's components, systems and solutions also have a wide range of applications in related industries. Facing the future smart manufacturing and industrial upgrading triggered by Made in China 2025 and German Industry 4.0, both parties will conduct deep cooperation in the above fields to enhance their understanding and grasp of the needs and applications of related industries. Use advanced technologies and concepts to establish and improve the industry solutions further for each process application of the above-mentioned key industries, so as to become leaders in intelligent manufacturing and automation solutions experts. And both parties will continue to consolidate the industry base to achieve rapid growth of the industry market business.

Focus on key industries
1. Non-standard automated production line industry, which covers robots, non-standard equipment, assembly line;
2. Process control industry / high-end machinery manufacturers / high-end equipment manufacturers / high-end system integrators, logistics sorting, AGV car, auto parts production lines, automated molding machines, conveyor equipment.

At the same time in intelligent manufacturing, smart city (integrated pipe gallery), new energy environmental protection and other new industries shall seek a breakthrough.
Phoenix representative cooperation customers

Six product series of Phoenix

Summary of Phoenix products
Product series
Corresponding product categories
IF product line-Interface Component-Interface Component
Interface components (relays, wiring systems and relay modules, motor controllers, isolation transmitters, barriers, monitoring modules, electricity meters)
PS product line——Power Supply
Switching power supply, uninterruptible power supply, redundant modules, circuit breakers
ION product line——I/O & NetworksCISproduct line——Control Industrial Solutions
I/O and networks, control industrial solutions (PLCs, safety products, IO modules, wireless products, fieldbus products, industrial PCs, Ethernet switches)
ICT product line——Industry Component
Industrial components (rail terminal, print marking system, rectangular connectors, prefabricated cables, tools, mounting fittings)
TT product line——TrabTech
Lightning and surge protectors, lightning monitoring system
DCT product line——Device Connectors
Device connectors (PCB terminals, high current through wall terminals, sensor actuator cables, aviation plugs, electronic module housing)

Wireless applications of AGV trolley

IO module applications

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