Zhejiang ToFine started cooperation with Weidmuller in 2000, and is Weidmuller’s veteran authorized agent in the Chinese market.
Zhejiang ToFine has conducted in-depth cooperation with Weidmuller. Under the guidance of ToFine automation elite mode, ToFine has been the agent of Weidmuller’s full range of products. In recent years, the cooperation in electronic products and automation products has made great progress, also extended to the fields of machinery, automobiles, new energy sources, process control and equipment manufacturing.

Zhejiang ToFine is Weidmuller’s core agent in Chinese market. At present, ToFine’s current annual sales have ranked Top 5 among Weidmuller distributors, and have been granted by Weidmuller with the "Best Dealer" and " Best Strategic Product Cooperation", " Best Growth Award "," Best Credit Award ", etc.
Many industry leaders in Zhejiang region are working with us to maintain cooperation with Weidmuller such as Hangzhou Wahaha Group, Hangzhou HollySys, XIZIOTIS ELEVATOR, Zhejiang University SUPCON, BOSCH, Zhejiang Jingsheng, etc.

Remote I/O
Weidmuller u-remote combines powerful technology and efficient processes to increase productivity for plant automation. The innovative IP20 remote I/O series fully focus on customer's benefits: customized planning, quick installation, safe and reliable start-up, and minimum downtime. Product performance and productivity are improved as much as possible.

Features and advantages:

  • ? Unique safety-feed module
    ? Support safety loop cascading
    ? Smaller space layout
    ? Quick refresh and power reserve function
    ? Optimized separation of feeder circuits
    ? Focus on reliability

  • ? Plug and Play
    ? Single-row wiring can reduce errors
    ? Plug-in wiring - saves time
    ? Rugged design
    ? Freedom of choice
    ? Local and remote debugging

  • ? Speed up through modularization
    ? Clear color, distinct function
    ? Compatibility and certification
    ? Increase system utilization
    ? Place on demand
    ? Smart support

U-remote applications in the new energy industry.

HDC heavy-duty products applications in the locomotive.

Application of Weidmuller switches, power supplies and relays s in the engineering project.

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