Integrated Solution of Intelligent Remote Monitoring Platform

We’ve provided an advanced, flexible and reliable intelligent remote monitoring platform for unattended sites in remote areas that may have high after-sale maintenance cost, and helped suppliers analyze the running state of equipment.

Field-side data acquisition unit scheme

For different field applications, conventional control systems like DCS, small and medium sized PLC can be provided. We also provide integrated industrial tablets for hostile environment and wireless intelligent equipment RTU for data acquisition of some signals. In addition, we provide professional on-line condition monitoring and analytic system for large rotating equipment and pump group.

Intelligent remote monitoring platform access solution

Wired and wireless field data access
Wireless data access can be applied in situations where the amount of data is small, low requirement for refresh cycle and where the cable network cannot be deployed. While the wired data access can be applied where there’s large amount of data and to the fields in need of video image and machine condition diagnosis.

wireless data access solution

wired data access solution

Basic functions of intelligent remote monitoring platform

With the help of maps and 3D images, real-time data and centralized monitoring could be achieved. The instrument panel can display important information, allows for historical trend and alarm enquiry, and the regular report, data statistics and comparison function could also be provided by product of basic edition.
The mobile platform, SMS or E-mail can be selected for pushing real-time alarm, and the alarm management strategy can also be configured in advanced functions. For important devices, site plant with breakpoint resume is a good choice to guarantee the complete acquisition of crucial data.


Advanced functions of intelligent remote monitoring platform

Based on the database, equipment ledger, personnel management and privilege management, functions involving operation and management such as routing inspection, scheduling, facilities maintenance, malfunction and emergency processing can be provided.

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